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mplayer not showing multi-language subtitles


If I have an avi file foo.avi, mplayer shows subtitles when I have them
in a file called foo.srt. I understand that multiple language subtitle
files are supposed to be foo-lang.srt where "lang" can by a string and
that string (separted from "foo" by a "-" or " " or "_" I think, I am
not sure if this is an exhaustive set of separators) becomes the name of
the subtitles in the movie being played. Example: to get English and
French subtitles, the two files needed are foo-en.srt and foo-french.srt.

Did I get that right? If yes, I am not able to play any subtitles from
mutlilang srt files. Only a foo.srt files is used a subtitles file. What
am I missing here?. This is on mplayer 1:1.0.rc2svn20080706-0.1, Debian


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