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Nautilus didn't update content of a directory automaticly

I just switch from gentoo to debian. Everything is working fine. Some missing programms but that I already have added by my self and maybe submit a .deb package for that programms. But to my problem I have...

I just select "Desktop" at the installation process and get a gnome desktop in version 2.22.3 after the installation process. But I miss now the feature that gnome/nautilus detect file changes in a folder. If I have open maybe my Download folder for "Iceweasel" and there is a file xy.tar.gz and the temp file from the download xy.tar.gz.part. If Iceweasel now finish the download and move xy.tar.gz.part to xy.tar.gz nautilus didn't register the change and show just the old file. Just after press F5 it's update the files. On gentoo this work in the same version of gnome without any problems.

Another small thing is that the preview of audio files didn't work and that I didn't can move a transfer to the background. If I copy a file as example from a to b and it is very big normally i can move it to the background so there was just a small tray-icon for the transfers but not with debian.

Have somebody an idea how I can solve that?

Kind regards,

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