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Re: Mailing-list conventions

Teemu Likonen wrote:
> For your information, there are _lots_ of mailing lists where "reply to
> all" is the norm. So being on a mailing list is not the reason per se.

Yeah, I know there are such lists. I personally find that recommendation
plain stupid. If people are going to use 'reply to all' and do the
listserver job manually, then the mailing list can be dropped, and
people can just use reply to all and use long lists of recipients.

> And who know who are on the list anyway? People join and leave all the
> time and often skip messages and threads when they have no time to read
> all.

It's the poster's responsibility to look for answers to his questions.
If he does not want to subscribe to receive them, he can look at the

People don't change; they only become more so.


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