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Mailing-list conventions (was: what's the difference and superior between gtk+ and gecko?)

On 2009-03-04 13:31 (+0100), Thierry Chatelet wrote:

> PS: Don't CC people unless they say it specificaly, as we are on the
> mailing list.

For your information, there are _lots_ of mailing lists where "reply to
all" is the norm. So being on a mailing list is not the reason per se.
And who know who are on the list anyway? People join and leave all the
time and often skip messages and threads when they have no time to read

I'm not trying to question the conventions on this particular list. It's
good idea to obey list policy and conventions. But they are not always
obvious for people because, as I said, conventions differ.

PS. You can CC me if you want to. If you don't, there are a bit more
    chances that I miss your message. :-)

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