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Re: fetch root email with Icedove?

Virgo Pärna wrote:
> On Mon, 2 Mar 2009 19:09:29 +0000, David Jardine <david@jardine.de> wrote:
>> Do you really want to do that?  It's normal to have mail for root 
>> diverted to an ordinary user account.  Run:
>     The problem could be, that Icedove (at least in Lenny) doesn't have 
> Movemail support - so you really cannot read mail from local spool with it. 

Since OP didn't specify how he reads 'ordinary' mail, we can only
speculate. There are at least two ways to solve your problem:

1) /etc/aliases with
root: blah@foo.bar.org
and forward root's mail to an external account.

2) or install some imap daemon and point icedove to it.

This is all a shot in the dark, since we don't know OP's mail


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