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Re: denyhosts error

Paul Cartwright schreef:
I am getting these to my local user, and I can't figure out what process is sending them, so I can correct it:

> From:
> DenyHosts <nobody@localhost>
>  To:
> root@localhost

There are two ways to fix this, 2 is probably preferred:

1) By default, in the Denyhosts Debian package, the configfile is installed at /etc/denyhosts.conf. If you didn't take the Debian package, it will be at /usr/share/denyhosts/denyhosts.cfg. Either way, edit this file, and look for the line starting with ADMIN_EMAIL. Set this to your own e-mail address.

2) Configure your mailserver to forward root@localhost to you. For some hints, check /etc/aliases (at least on Postfix, don't know about Exim).


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