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Re: non-dpkg owned libc6 - etch to lenny upgrade problem

On Wed, Feb 25, 2009 at 09:56:09AM -0500, John Fleming wrote:
> Consider me a newbie - trying to upgrade etch to lenny, getting msg about
> having a non-dpkg owned copy of libc6-i686.  "Can't live with it, can't live
> without it".  Can't remove it. Can't upgrade with what I have.  Previously
> I've done all installs and upgrades with apt-get.  I started this system
> with sarge, and successfully upgraded to etch a couple of years ago and have
> kept etch upgraded.  I've tried apt-get -f dist-upgrade and aptitude
> dist-upgrade with same results.
> Specific next steps, please?

Answer to my followup to your previous copy of that message from
yesterday, rather than sending it again.

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