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Re: Gnome open can not recognize a file by its name

On Feb 19, 7:30 pm, Nuno Magalhães <nunomagalh...@eu.ipp.pt> wrote:
> > Recently, my gnome failed to recognize any file by its name extension.
> That's actually a good thing if you've been reading the thread about
> .desktop "viruses". However, shouldn't gnome fallback to file magic
> test if extension test fails?
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yes. That, for sure, will avoid some viruses. But the thing is that
file magic test is gone on my gnome. I believe a dist-upgrade removed
some gnome component which perform magic test. I just can recall the
name now.

Recent dist-upgrade wanted to remove a lot of gnome component. Of
cause I did not upgrade. The problem happened right after lenny's
release. If I can track my update history, I may figure out a way to
solve it.

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