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Re: How can i install Debian via hard disk

Reply to the list and not to me.  You should get faster responses that way, 
and a wider breadth and deeper depth of knowledge than I have.

On Thursday 19 February 2009 18:46:17 Qzi wrote:
> where to put lenny.iso on !

Per the instructions I pointed you at, you do not need the .iso images at all 
if you have an existing UNIX-like system.  Since Ubuntu supports it, you 
loopback-mount the .iso and use the apt repository on it as one source of 
packages to remove the need to download so many from the Internet.

Others might, but if you refuse to read the documentation that is available, I 
shall refuse to help you further.

> what I should add to the menu.lst !

You'll basically copy the Ubuntu lines and change the version numbers to match 
the version on the kernel you installed in Debian.  The installation guide 
should have more details about this.

However, if you choose to use the installer (*not* the technique I linked), 
Debian should edit your menu.lst for you.

> Detail , I wish !


If you want detailed answers, you'll need to ask detailed questions.  There's 
a lot of choice involved in technology--and Debian in particular.  In 
addition, the choices you have my be restricted by your hardware.
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