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Re: Restoring file permissions from package database?

On Wed, Feb 18, 2009 at 11:43:48AM +0100, Oliver Schneider wrote:
> Douglas, thanks!
> > Some packages come with /etc files in the deb, others create the
> > /etc files in their install script.  To use the packages, you'd have
> > to look in the deb for the files or in their scripts.
> > 
> > To look into debs, I use midnight commander.
> Okay, but in any case there is nothing like dpkg-reconfigure to
> restore permissions, I take it?!

Not that I know of.

> > You could alwasy ask someone to give you an ls -alR /etc.
> The "ls -alR /etc" is what I had in mind with a VM that would have all
> the packages.
I'd suggest that you print out your existing ls -alR /etc.  Then get
someone to send you theirs in a file.  You can then go down and write in
what the ownership/permissions should be.  Any files you have that
weren't in the list you received could be asked for specifically on the
list or pulled from the packages.  However, its a lot of work to go
through each package individually.

I know, its a lot of work either way.

You could always reinstall???

I take it that you don't have a backup of /etc from right after you


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