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Re: Will installing libc6-i686 on my i586 crunch my installation?

On 02/17/2009 01:50 PM, Clemens Eisserer wrote:
Is there any way to use libc6-i586?
I don't think that there currently is such a beast.
But after all, where does that libc6-i686 package come from?

I installed Debian-3.1 on that machine, and when asking apt to install
something, it should look into Sarge's online repositories - and as
far as I know Sarge was < i586 (i386 as far as I know).
So why after all does installing autossh lead to the installation of
another libc6 package, and furthermore where does the i686 version
come from?

When the libc6 deb is being built from the libc6 deb-src, the -686 deb is built at the same time from the same deb-src, but with a different set of compiler flags.

            - As far as I know even Lenny is still compiled for i586 or
even earlier.

Yes.  That's why libc6-i686 is *optional*.

I just know from other distributions that there are several versions
of libc to be able to use e.g. SSE2 for memcpy on CPUs which can do
that, but all I know have fallback-versions for older CPUs. Even
Fedora11 will still be completly i586 compatible.

You're stressing out over nothing. It's obvious: your PC is a 586. lib6-686 is designed for 686+; thus, don't install lib6-686.

What the hell could be more obvious??????

Ron Johnson, Jr.
Jefferson LA  USA

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