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Re: OT: Bush quotes

John Hasler a écrit :
> -c writes:
>> If other (non-USian) residents of the greater "Americas" take offense at
>> us referring to ourselves as Americans, I'm happy to attempt to get this
>> right (and even support the effort to attempt to educate my fellow
>> USians).
> Please try to come up with something less idiotic than "USian".  That's
> about as likely to catch on as "EUian".
> (Not that it matters: the rest of the world will go on calling residents of
> the United States of America "Americans" no matter what we say.)

In France we sometime refer to the United States of America citizens as
"Nord Américains" (Northern Americans ?), but then we have all the
Canadian and Inuit pissed... Maybe even the polar bears ;-)

At least with "froggies" thing are clear, no one else want it, except
maybe those green chewy legs owners, but they don't dare to protest.

Not a simple issue for sure.


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