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Re: How to uninstall a package which is failing to install/uninstall

On Mon, Feb 02, 2009 at 18:13:11 +0100, Adrian Chapela wrote:
> Hello
> I have tried to install HP OpenIpmi Eth 64 bits .deb and I couldn't do  
> it because it was failing to rebuild kernel module. Now I want to  
> uninstall but when I try to  uninstall the package, it is trying to  
> compile again and it is failling. By this reason I can't uninstall the  
> package, How is the correct way to uninstall?
> The state of the package:
> ri  hp-openipmi                         7.8.0-108.etch26                  
>    OpenIPMI +HP

I don't know anything about this package. A general method for dealing
with this kind of problem is outlined here:


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