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Re: Which FS for USB Flash Drive

On Tuesday 2009 January 27 19:11:45 Kushal Koolwal wrote:
>> Probably the best r/w filesystem for flash based devices in JFFS2.
>I don't recollect an option of formatting the FS as JFFS2 in the Debian
> Lenny Installation CD?

Nope, but it is possible take an existing filesystem and build a JFFS2 image 
with the same contents.

>>Live is exactly what you want, but it can't be a direct conversion of a
>> Live CD, since they generally use a r/o squashfs, for the compression.
>Exactly! Glad you spoke about squashfs. I really don't want to use those
> things - squashfs, unionfs and all that. I really would like to keep it as
> simple as it can be - just like installing on a PATA Hard disk.

Well, it's probably not going to be that simple, you'll definitely need to 
fixup the kernel command line in menu.lst, if nothing else.
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