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Re: Which FS for USB Flash Drive

On Jan 27, 2009, at 8:11 PM, Kushal Koolwal wrote:

Probably the best r/w filesystem for flash based devices in JFFS2.
I don't recollect an option of formatting the FS as JFFS2 in the Debian Lenny Installation CD?

JFFS2 isn't for USB Flash "thumb drives". It's for the kind of raw flash devices used in embedded systems. The thumb drive will have a "adaptation layer" of software and buffering, inside the drive, that attempts to spread the writes around so as to have level wear on all blocks. If you will, it's doing the JFFS2 thing for you -- you don't need the software in the kernel to do it a second time.

The best recommendation is to use ext2 and either the "noatime" or "relatime" mount option. "relatime" will try to give you a relative idea, at very low cost in write cycles, of which files have been accessed how recently. "noatime" will not provide any information on access time, at zero cost in write cycles.

hope this helps...


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