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Re: Vidio card recommendation needed (was:Re: Can't start X after upgrade to Lenny)

On 01/24/2009 05:07 PM, Marc Shapiro wrote:
Ron Johnson wrote:

IMNSHO, unless this is a *workstation* where you do lots of OpenGL visualization, or you are dual-booting to play Crysis, Linux users just don't *need* uber-video performance.

Thus, I go for good-enough-but-silent over raw power which is overkill 99.999% of the time (especially if you use the nvidia driver).
So, the 8400 has a fan for cooling and the 7200 is passively cooled?

As you mentioned in your earlier email, some 7200s *are* actively cooled. And this link shows that some 8xxx cards are passively cooled.


So, it's dependent on what the manufacturer wants to do with that particular card.

NOTE!!!!  Maybe I was wrong about the 8400GS.


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