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Re: fetchmail and exchange 2007

Stephan Seitz <stse+debian@fsing.rootsland.net> writes:

> On Thu, Jan 22, 2009 at 10:27:45AM -0400, tyler wrote:
>>fetchmail: Trying to connect to failed.
> Isn’t the error message self explaining? 

I suppose so, for folks that are familiar with all these ports and
services. That's not me, though, at least not yet.

> Fetchmail can’t get a connection to this host using port 110. Port 110
> is the unsecure POP3 port (no ssl encryption). Testing it I see that
> the ports 993 (imap over ssl) and 995 (pop3 over ssl) are open. So you
> have to change your .fetchmailrc to use SSL. Look for the ssl keyword
> in the fetchmail manpage.

Ok, I found success using IMAP and ssl, i.e.:

poll exchange.mcgill.ca with proto IMAP and options no dns uidl 
       user 'MYUSERNAME' there with password 'MYPASSWORD' is 'tyler' here options fetchall ssl

Thanks for your help!


I'm Tyler Smith and I approve of this email.

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