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Re: tv/radio card

Hi Dave,

On Fri, Jan 16, 2009 at 11:41:25PM -0500, David Parker wrote:

>    There are a lot of TV tuner cards that work in Linux, either with native
>    drivers or with drivers like ivtv.  I have a Debian Etch box running
>    MythTV with two TV tuner cards in it, a Hauppauge PVR-350 and a Hauppauge
>    PVR-150, both of which use the ivtv drivers.  The PVR-350 supports MPEG
>    encoding and decoding, so it can be used for recording and playback.  It
>    also comes with a remote control and IR sensor which work very well using
>    lirc, and it has an on-board FM tuner which I have not personally used,
>    but I believe does work under Linux.  The PVR-150 is only an encoder and
>    can only be used for recording.  These two cards are fairly old, though,
>    and I'm sure there are better options out there now.  I have read a lot of

Would you have any reason not to buy a PVR-350 card? Since from if I
understand you correctly, it will both record and allow me to watch tv?
Is this a usb or a card you put in your motherboard? 

>    praise for Nvidia's TV tuner cards as well.

Will take a look.

> >    MythTV may not fit your needs as it is based on Qt, and that's all I have
>    personally used with these tuner cards so I'm afraid I can't make any
>    recommendations about software, but I'm sure there are several available.

Ok. If I got remote support working, would I be able to do most things
just with the remote eg, change channel, adjust volume, and enable recording?
>    The MythTV forums might be a good place to look, since tuner cards are a
>    big topic of discussion, and a lot of people mention other TV and radio
>    programs, too.

Cool I'll take a look.

Thanks very much for the reply,


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