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tv/radio card


I'm wanting to buy a tv tuner for my computer, but before I do I have a
couple of questions:
- Do internal tv cards or usb tv cards work best?
- What models/brands are well supported?
- Does Remote control support work?
- Do any allow for reccording of tv?
- Do any supported cards come with a built in fm radio tuner? If so what
card should I get.

Finally, once my card is working, what programs should I use to control
the radio and tv? I found gnomeradio which seems to work with orca (I am
blind, so I need a program that is either gtk or command line based),
but does anyone know of a program that could control the tv? (that isn't
qt based).

Finally these cards will allow me to pick up standard tv like my normal
tv would won't it?

Thanks for any info,


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