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Re: Logging passwords of SSH attacks

2009/1/16 Florian Mickler <florian@mickler.org>:

>> How can I start logging the passwords attempted as well as the
>> usernames? Thanks.
> That's not possible without hacking in the ssh-sourcecodes, I assume.
> It would be a security nightmare to have the passwords of users being
> logged. even if it would only be on failed attempts. people
> often confuse which password they have to enter where, and thus valid
> passwords would wander into the logs for malicous people to collect and
> use at other sites.

While in general I agree, in this case you could say that I am sitting
here as a honeypot. No legitimate users will try connecting via SSH on
port 22, and certainly not over the big bad internet. The only reason
that I have sshd running here is for another machine on the LAN to ssh
in on a different port.

Dotan Cohen



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