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Nspluginwrapper small problem

I have yesterday just installed Etch(read not confident enough to go into Lenny) i386 netinstall on my laptop and the first thing I thought I would do is make flashplayer 10 work but it is actually my only remaining problem second to wireless. What is the exact target file to place the .so plugin and how do i invoke that from the terminal because it doesnt give me much allowance to do so the few times I have tried.

Also tried installing nspluginwrapper unsuccessfully I would appreciate a redirection to a reliable source anyone.
Apart from editing /etc/apt/sources.list is there any other place I could have change to make things rough for nspluginwrapper install. The flashplayer is ready and unpacked but I cant get around the wrapper.

Toshiba Satellite, 2.6.18.


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