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Re: Labeling backup DVD+RW's

On Sun January 11 2009, Chris Jones wrote:
> > My (laptop) burner claims to do lightscribe - but it needs special
> > (expensive?) disks, doesn't it? And produces labels that the drive still
> > can't read?
> I'm pretty sure mine isn't .. but I have no evidence to the contrary
> either.
> I've heard lightscribe burning takes for ever..
> > I'm not actually sure where this thread is going any more though :-)
> >
> :-)

just keep it going so it will be longer than my K3B thread:-0)

I did buy a new Epson printer that will print on Cds/DVDs but I don't have any 
of the CDs that can be printed on.. I did have a stack, but I used them all 
and wrote on them with sharpie..

Paul Cartwright
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