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Re: Labeling backup DVD+RW's

* Ron Johnson <ron.l.johnson@cox.net> [090107 18:59]:
> On 01/07/09 19:19, Chris Jones wrote:
>> Does anyone know of a magical pen that would write something legible
>> on that surface and possibly come with an eraser so that I can reuse
>> them and still have a clue what I used them for?
> Sharpies don't work?

There seems to be some controversy regarding the use of Sharpie-type
permanent markers to write on optical disk media:

    Numerous CD vendors have noted that the thin protective lacquer
    coating can deteriorate from contact with certain solvents
    in markers. To eliminate the risk, water-based markers are
    recommended for CD labeling. As a solvent, alcohol is generally
    less damaging than xylene and toluene, which are common in
    aromatic solvent-based markers. According to anecdotal reports,
    alcohol-based markers can be used to label CDs without causing
    performance problems. However, there are no explicit lab test
    results to show what effect solvents in markers have on different
    CDs or DVDs, particularly over the long term.

[ 1.3MB pdf ]

Though a quick web search brings up many anecdotal stories of people
using Sharpies to label disks and having no problems...

There are also special pens available for marking disks, for example:


John Magolske

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