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Re: Help with u tube video streaming-SOLVED

2009/1/11 Chris Bannister <mockingbird@earthlight.co.nz>:
> On Sat, Jan 10, 2009 at 12:48:22AM +0000, Chris S wrote:
>> reult from last advice seemed to install ok details to follow but no affect
>> on the frame rate on u tube, I get a picture update about one a sec and a
>> half, I know it can't be hardware as nothing has changed in hardware or
>> connection speed, oh and when I right click the video and go to ? it lists
> Just a thought ... how many instances/tabs of iceweasel are you running?
> To eliminate network issues, I'd grab the youtube video and play it in
> mplayer. Install clive (or youtube-dl if its available) and get the
> video. Install mplayer. then:
> mplayer cvxdssd.flv (or whatever the .flv is called that clive or
> youtube-dl grabbed).
> The output from the "mplayer cvxdssd.flv" command may give some clues to
> your problem.
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Hey guys, just to let you all know that this problem is now solved
thanks to everyone for all your help, it was an issue with cpu load
using the flash plug in, I'n now using mplayer and it works perfectly.
Oh and thank you Paul for showing me how to close a problem in here, I
was away from PC last night or would of done it then. Again many
thanks for all your help and suggestions. May you all be blessed with
every happiness


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