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Re: Help with u tube video streaming

On Fri, Jan 09, 2009 at 10:38:34PM +0000, Chris S wrote:
> Hello everyone genius type people,
> Can you help, I don't know much about computers (in comparison to you guys)
> and nearly zero about linux/debian, however after my friend had a rather
> fatal problem with windows recently I decided to try Debian and I love it.
> So I installed the lastest stable version, etch, and have very nearly got a
> system with the same functionality as the old windows system however I
> simply cannot seem to get u tube videos to play correctly., under windows
> they ran perfectlly but now the video is very 'jerky'. I am unsure about the
> further details you require and so instead of guessing could you let me know
> what you need (and maybe how to find it) I will send you the details. I have
> googled myself to near insanity but cannot find anything that directly
> helps. My apologies if I'm not being clear or doing something wrong.

I'm not trying to say something completely useless here, but perhaps you
should try updated to Lenny? Etch is soon to be an unsupported version
of Debian, so I would honestly upgrade before getting into anything.

Anyway, I've had lots of problems with flash in Debian, so I eventually
dumped it. For my YouTube fix I'm using a Greasemonkey script[1] to play
YouTube videos in mplayer (for this you'll need the mplayer browser

Also, for simpler problems like this, perhaps #debian is more suitable?
You'll get quicker answers to these questions instead of waiting for


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