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Re: [OT] mailing lists versus usenet / reply to list, reply-to, reply

On Monday 05 January 2009, hose <subscriptions@bluemaggottowel.com> wrote 
about 'Re: [OT] mailing lists versus usenet / reply to list, reply-to, 
>On Jan 5, 2009, at 5:58 PM, Celejar wrote:
>> On Mon, 05 Jan 2009 15:27:44 -0800
>> Ken Teague <kteague@pobox.com> wrote:
>>> Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. wrote:
>>>> See, I just think you guys should stop using bad clients.  ;)
>Just use the least sucky client out there (mutt).  It has sane reply,
>reply-to, and reply-to-list commands, is extremely fast, and can bend
>to your will if needed, no matter how wrong you are.  It's the vim of
>the email world.

Does it work outside of a terminal, yet?  :)  Seriously though, mutt *is* a 
very high-quality MUA.  Even if you normally prefer X applications, mutt 
is worth a look.
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