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Re: Lenny: which arch for a Intel Core 2 Duo?

On Monday 2009 January 05 14:28:35 Mark Allums wrote:
> Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. wrote:
> > Usually, there's no data loss, but some settings might "go away" in OS X
> > each time you boot into OS Y (e.g. the name of the configuration option
> > changed and the newer version in OS Y keeps renaming it to the new name
> > that the older version in OS X doesn't understand) or applications might
> > crash on startup (e.g. newer version in OS Y writes a newer value that
> > older version in OS X doesn't handle).  In theory, there could be data
> > loss, but it's never happened to me.
> Uggh!  Don't say OS X!

My "OS X" is pronounced "oh ess eks".
Apple's "OS X" is pronounced "oh ess ten".

But, yeah, I thought it could possibly be confusing while I was writing it, 
but decided the context would make it clear.
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