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Re: Lenny: which arch for a Intel Core 2 Duo?

Ron Johnson a écrit :
> On 01/04/09 16:07, thveillon.debian wrote:
> [snip]
>> Hi,
>> Just to push in the same direction, I have 2 C2duo, both running amd64
>> Debian, one with a custom kernel compiled with the "c2duo - newer-xeon"
>> arch instead of the generic "x86-64" which is the defaut. (can't tell
>> the difference though...)
>> FlashPlayer is already available for native amd64 (not talking about the
>> nspluginwrapper thing) in debian-multimedia (experimental only for now,
>> but working better already than the aforementioned solution). Free
>> alternatives are available too (swfdec, gnash...) for amd64.
>> For java the icedtea jre and plug-in is working ok for me, and Sun
>> announced a linux native x86-64 build of their browser plug-in for the
>> next update (available as a beta already).
>> AMD64 is no longer limited for a desktop user, if ia32 is absolutely
>> required there's always a way round the problem, like static packages
>> (Skype...), chroot, ia32libs or even a virtual machine.
> acroread still has some features that the FLOSS alternatives don't, and
> w32codecs is still most simply available in 32 bit mode.
> But I do agree that the barriers are dropping.
 Never had problem with w64codecs (debian-multimedia), but yes I forgot
about acroread plug-in which still requires nspluginwrapper (should be
working OK though, not too intensive), but i don't use it and never came
across a pdf I couldn't read with (Kpdf|Xpdf|Evince|Okular). Of course I
don't say it doesn't exist, my use of pdf's is quite limited...


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