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Re: iptables question

Justin Piszcz wrote:

On Thu, 1 Jan 2009, Napoleon wrote:

I'll admit I'm still pretty green at a lot of this (lots of experience in computers, little in Linux) and don't understand everything. But I'm trying to learn, so please go easy on me :-)

I've been having a problem with dictionary hacker attempts on my system (hundreds or even thousands a day), so I implemented the following rules:


Solution: apt-get install fail2ban (read up on the docs, it can drop IPs based on attempts etc)


For Justin and all the others who responded - thanks. I installed fail2ban a couple of days ago, and am waiting for someone to try it again.

I also tried to find the support forums for qpopper, but the only ones I found hadn't had a post in over 2 years. So maybe I need to change pop3 servers.

But I'm not worried about that right now. I think from the docs that fail2ban will do what I need.

Thanks again!

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