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Re: Transferring pictures from a digital camera (it was Re: Best software under Gnome)

On Fri, Jan 02, 2009 at 08:46:06AM +0000, Bob Cox wrote:
> On Thu, Jan 01, 2009 at 23:59:44 -0200, Daniel Cliff (daniel.cliff.email@gmail.com) wrote: 
> > On Thu, Jan 1, 2009 at 5:28 PM, Milan SKOCIC <milan.skocic@gmail.com> wrote:
> > > "F-Spot is meant to be an easy-to-use photo management
> > > application.  It allows for importing of your existing
> > > photo collections, tagging photos with identifiers,
> > > as well as doing simple edits of photos".
> > >
> > > Personally I use it and I'm satisfied.
> > >
> > > Milan.
> > 
> > I just tried it out and it's pretty nice, but I would like something
> > more specialized to transfer the pictures from the camera to a local
> > folder. Does anyone know if there is something like that?
> > Specifically, I would like to:
> > _ delete the pictures in the camera after successful file transfer (I
> > guess most people normally do that in order to take new pictures,
> > right?),
> > _ rename the files according to some pattern (eg 20090101_001.jpg,
> > 20090101_002.jpg etc)
> One way is to use a simple script to rename each image file to a date
> and time based format, such as YYYYMMDD-HHMMSS.jpg based on the image's
> EXIF data.  These data can be extracted with, for example, exiftime,
> which is part of the exiftags package.  


I am come onto this thread a bite late, sorry if I am covering stuff
that has already been covered.  I am a little trigger happy with my
camera finger, new child/just married, so the camera comes out quiet
often to catch silly things done by children and drunken friends !  My
requirement for storeage was to be able to give access/show friends and family
photos/albums and maybe limit access to certain photos/albums, I wanted
an easy tool so i could add comments and do other sorts of things with
my photo's

to that end I am running gallery2 (php + Apache + postgres), I store my
photo's on a file server and run these apps there and serve up the
photo's via it. it allows for annonymous/guest access as well as userid
(onyl bug bear is I haven't got it attached to my ldap db for aaa).

I only created 1 album which every one uses (my wife and I are the only
ones who put stuff there, currently at ~20K photo's - still have a lots
of slides to scan in.

I organise my albums into 
/Events/Year/YearMonth/YearMonthDay.  I can add tags and comments to
each folder/album/Picture, I can (and do) upload my movies from the
video and the camera.

You can search on date / tag / name / comment. I have also added gps
(google maps) for each album/folder/photo/movie.

You can assign acl's to each item as well.

I love it, all the photo's and movies are presented as what ever
thumbnail size i want currently set to 800x600 1024x768 1280x1024 and
original size. So you can peruse the folder and look at the smaller size
images and then click down to get the bigger images. it has a slide show
feature, to look at all the images in the current and the child

The down side is you can't interact with the directory structure outside
of gallery2, you need to upload and manipulate the files from the web
interface (there is a webdav and upload applet and a remote tool for
xp), for me its not a problem I make all the changes to the files in the
beginning and then upload. I have my camera set to auto name my files,
they are called img_xxxxxxxx.jpg. All other sources are tag for example
from fred jim it would be jim_xxxxxxxx.jpg (xxxx = whatever his camera
calls them).

I have a preupload script that uses jhead to optimise, transform if
necessary and sort the files into folders YYYYMMDD, these folders can
them be uploaded to the web site.

The project is active, there are deb packages in the repo.


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