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Re: Transferring pictures from a digital camera (it was Re: Best software under Gnome)

On 01/02/09 13:02, Paul Cartwright wrote:
On Fri January 2 2009, Ron Johnson wrote:
I created folders, usualy by date, with a description after that.. like
You're a smart guy, Paul, so I know you'll give a reasoned answer:
why do people create subdirs in format MM-DD-YYYY, since that will
put all of the Marches together, instead of YYYY-MM-DD?

I'm an old dog, and I just find it easier to read MM-DD-YYYY. PLUS I tend to look for folders by month, not year.. spring photos of plants, July pictures of our grand baby(born in July).. and if you sort by the DATE field, not name, the newest are at the bottom :)

Seems reasonable.

The patterns %%%%-01-*jpg or %%%%-07-jpg would work just as well. I'd probably symlink the YYYY-MM-DD files into subdirs like Spring, Birthdays, etc.

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