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Where to put the source of kernel ??

I want to install gspcav1 (version 20071224)  from http://
which is a source package for set of webcam drivers.
the built file, gspca_build,  contains the folowing lines:

KERNELVER=`uname -r`

if [ ! -d $SRCDIR/include/linux ]; then
echo -e '\E[31;44m'
echo -e '\E[1m FATAL you need to install the Kernel Source for your
running kernel\E[0m'
exit 1

It seraches for the kernel source in /lib/modules......
I install the kernel source it is in /usr/src

so when I ran  gspca_build, it didn't find my source!!!??
Is it an error on the file gspca_build  ?
must I add something or config to  my source ??

thanks for hel

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