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Re: How often do the repositories get updated?

On Tue, 30 Dec 2008, Mark Allums wrote:
> In spite of the general desires of the average user, .28, and .27  
> kernels won't likely make it into Lenny.  ("Not bloody likely!" might be  

2.6.27.y is a long maintenance release, with a few kernel mantainers
(not Debian kernel maintainers) already pledged to take care of it
upstream well beyond the normal "stable kernel" lifetime, sort of like

So, it will most likely be backported.  It is also compatible enough
with 2.6.26 that it shouldn't be too horrible an upgrade, even for
production boxes ;-)

In fact it would have been a much better choice for Lenny than 2.6.26,
were it not for the timing (2.6.27.y is only now, after 10 minor
releases, starting to be trustable enough to use in production.  So,
it is waaaaay too late to make it for Lenny).

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