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Re: hard crash on leap second

On Thu, Jan 01, 2009 at 08:04:01PM -0600, Dennis Wicks wrote:
> Yannick Patois wrote the following on 01/01/2009 06:09 PM:
> Well, just for another data point, I have 6 machines running 
> lenny at various levels of being up-to-date and none of them 
> crashed.
> I am running ntp 1:4.2.4p4+dfsg-7 according to aptitude. My 
> firewall is a stratum 2 timeserver and all the other 
> machines get their time from it.
I was running openntpd and since the leap second switched to ntp.

Interestingly, I just noticed that I stopped receiving mail from
misc@openbsd.org around the time of the leap second.  I haven't looked
into why yet.

It seems that some of us had problems around the leap second, while some
of us didn't.  Unfortunatly, both ntp and openntpd both use
/usr/sbin/ntpd (different binary of course).

I wonder if there is correlation between those of us who had a problem
and those of us who were running openntpd at the time?


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