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Re: Best software under Gnome

On 01/01/09 15:52, Frank McCormick wrote:

  That's what I ended up doing --- and just did a straight copy to a
directory in my home.
One annoying thing that's going on...each time I connect the camera in
one logon session, the kernel bumps up the device..i.e.
sdb1/sdc1/sdd1/sde1 and so on. So I have to keep checking before
mounting. Can't this be automated ???

Of course...

When the camera is attached, run:
# /sbin/blkid /dev/sdX1

Then add that to your /etc/fstab.  Something from mine, for example:

UUID="41B2-41AB" /media/MICRO_ADVANT64 vfat defaults,noauto  0  2

Then, I just:
# mount -v /media/MICRO_ADVANT64

But I still wonder why GNOME is not automounting it for you.

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Jefferson LA  USA

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