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Re: Best software under Gnome

On Thu, Jan 01, 2009 at 01:48:17PM -0500, Frank McCormick wrote:
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> I just acquired a Sony digital camera...a dsc-s730...and am trying to
> decide what software to use under Gnome to deal with the pics.
> The camera is recognized fine by the kernel...it appears as /dev/sdb1
> Where should I start ??

DigiKam works under Gnome. When you install it, the parts of KDE that 
are needed are automagically installed by apt.

Also, look at Google's Picasa. It will give you some wriggle room in 
dealing with sharing photos with family and friends who don't do Linux.

gThumb is the Gnome image viewer. It is less grand than DigiKam but 
sometimes that is good.

I have all three running on my computer. I don't use anyway near all
the features of any one of them. They seem to all work together. YMMV
Paul E Condon           

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