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Re: problem with SATA disk, difference between standard kernel and Debian kernel

On Fri, Dec 12, 2008 at 07:54:58AM +1100, Alex Samad wrote:
> well it seems atleast the drives are okay, maybe a faulty cable ?  Just
> seems strange that the debian patches would make a difference (but I
> could be wrong), especially with stock standard stuff

Unfortunately, that the selftests don't find something doesn't mean
that the drive is ok. It's rather unlikely that it is a cable problem
because I'm using different cables now.

The disk got lost again over night. I've made another kernel from the
Debian sources and will see what happens. --- I'd say it usually
happens when the computer is idle; I can put some load on the disks
like compiling kernels while the RAID is being rebuild, and everything
works just fine. Someone suggested to make a ctrontab entry to write
something on the disks like every hour, that's something else I can

One option I haven't tried yet is to plug both SATA disks into the
same channel (i. e. use adjacent plugs). I didn't do that because they
might be blocking each other --- this isn't SCSI :( It shouldn't make
a difference, but then, who knows? Maybe both disks go offline if I do
that ...

When they get lost again and I want to send a bug report, about what
package should the report be? The kernel source package?

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