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Re: apt-log

* Javier Barroso <javibarroso@gmail.com> [2008-12-08 23:16:09 +0100]:

> On Thu, Dec 4, 2008 at 6:09 PM, Marco <marco@mavior.eu> wrote:
> > Hello list,
> > this started as my need and then I have decided to release it.
> > I hope that will be useful for somebody, you have all here
> > http://mavior.eu/apt-log
> > Well if title don't say you much I would say that this thing is
> > about "having to extract informations from apt logs" and also something
> > else.
> > Feedbacks are much welcomed.
> If one user use aptitude, then /var/log/aptitude is all you need, Has your
> program any advantage versus less /var/log/aptitude

Well using this program should give advantages over whatever "less my.log":
it is a log analyzer and reporter, then it should give the facility and
the possibility to query your logs and so to access logs information
quickly.Furthermore: using its options should be possible to trace a little of "history" of what you did with
apt (or aptitude it's the same thing) or at least it is the reason I
started write it and how I use it.

> If another user is not using aptitude (I don't known why not !? :) ), your
> program is nice

Aptitude use apt and apt-log access the informations
contained in term.log.
That is if you use Synaptic down to apt all the
terminal output is logged in term.log, so I think it's a universal and
versatile source of informations,whatever tool you used to manage your
Actually aptitude.log contains only one informations more than term.log:
if a package is installed as dependency or not.
In my TODO things,there is yet merging this extra information in apt-log.

> Thank you

You're welcome.
Marco Vittorini Orgeas

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