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Re: Partition damaged

2008/12/7 Patricio Inzaghi <patricio.inzaghi@gmail.com>:
>> It looks like your partition table is damaged... have you tried
>>     http://os.cqu.edu.au/cgi-bin/info/info2html.cgi?(parted)rescue
>> ?
> Thanks for the response.
> I installed parted, and i tried "parted /dev/sda3" , and then "rescue
> START END", but nothing happened. No response of the command.

The rescue command needs a bit of a hint as to where the partition
could be. And it needs a pretty good hint. Is the partition at the
beginning of your drive and goes all the way to the end? You said you
resized it, so try providing the resized partition as the hint.

- Jordi G. H.

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