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Re: insserv & encrypted /home

Michael Wagner:
> -----------------------------snip--------------------------------------
> # Services which need to be interactive
> <interactive>   boot.crypto
> Names starting with a `+' sign are marked as optional.  If the service
> with  the name after the plus sign is available it will be used, if not
> available it is ignored silently.  Words beginning with  <  and ending
> with  > are keywords.  Currently <interactive> is the only know keyword
> for marking a service as an  interactive  one,  e.g.  a  service which
> requires a passphrase or password input during boot or runlevel change.
> -----------------------------snap--------------------------------------

Thanks for the hint, I already found that configuration snippet. But I
am not sure on how to use that information. :)

I added 'cryptdisks' to the <interactive> line ('cryptdisks' is not only
the name of the init script, but also the name of the system facility it
provides). Unfortunately, the behaviour doesn't change. The same goes
for cryptdisks-early, which appears to be responsible for mounting my

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