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insserv & encrypted /home


Short version: does anybody use cryptsetup and insserv at the same time

I recently re-installed Debian on my laptop because I wanted to
repartition my hard drive and use an encrypted filesystem for /home.
Everything went quite smooth, but after installing and configuring
insserv, I am sometimes unable to enter the passphrase needed for
mounting my encrypted /home.

Insserv parallelizes the boot sequence which results in a nice speed
gain. However, the input prompt of /etc/init.d/cryptdisks is completely
broken by that. I usually don't see the prompt at all, I can just see
that the system sits idle, apparently waiting for me to enter the
password. What makes this worse is that sometimes I cannot even enter
the passphrase as the keys I type are echoed on the display and
apparently do not go anywhere else. 

Until now, I have never been very patient and simply powered the system
of at this point. I don't know whether cryptsetup's CRYPTDISKS_TIMEOUT
would kick in in these situations, but I have lowered its value to 30
seconds and will try that on next boot. Because of #495505 I am not to
optimistic, though.

Which package should receive the bug report, insserv or cryptsetup? I
guess this is insserv's fault, but I am not sure.

I am no longer prepared to give you the benefit of the doubt.
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