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Intro to a cool new webb-tv solution

Title: Dabber Newsletter
Dabber | Newsletter December 2008

Example player | White paper pdf | IQube our new partner


Since our last update, we have prepared a first example of the kind of online video solutions we offer. It's a player with an intuitive, 3-dimensional navigation - a cool and easy way to showcase your online video content:

Example player

This is the golden age of online video. More and more of us are creating it, watching it and telling our friends all about it. Mainstream media giants, organizations of all sizes and individual Internet users alike are literally setting the online world in motion. Video on the web is becoming a natural part of our lives, enabling us to do a lot of different things easier, faster and better: discovering what's new and rediscovering the things we've missed, telling our stories and communicating our brands, realizing our life-long dreams of having our own TV show and running for president.

Over the last few years, a lot of companies offering online video platforms have emerged. What separates us from them is who we are. Whereas most of our competitors focus on technology and developing the ultimate one-platform-fit-all video service, our focus is on every aspect of the enterprise that you would be undertaking; on you getting exactly the kind of product and help that you need, at a cost that you can afford.

Dabber is an Internet start-up, offering online video solutions that are innovative, affordable, easy to use and easy to manage. With a background in the contemporary art scene as well as in web production, we combine the latest in technology with an understanding of what makes good content.

Daniel Daboczy & Eric Weber, founders

White paper (pdf)

For more information about our services, please download the Dabber white paper.

IQube is our new partner

We're proud to present IQube as a new partner. IQube is one of the Nordic region´s leading centres for entrepreneurship and early stage growth companies. www.iqube.se

Dabber's development continues at rapid pace

We're still in development, but feel free to contact us in the meanwhile, or check out our web site for updates!


daniel [at] dabber.tv
+46 736 26 9985

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