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Re: Looking for SIMPLE MTA

On Tuesday 18 November 2008, s. keeling wrote:

> Hal Vaughan <hal@thresholddigital.com>:

> > Seriously, the reason I've been thinking about keeping the mail on

> > the sending system is to make reference easier -- in case the mail

> > server goes wrong or something. In the past it seems like things

> > go wrong in bunches, so I've started to plan for multiple failures

> > when I'm setting things up. If the messages stay on the

> > originating system until KMail picks them up, then there's no

> > chance of them getting lost on a 3rd system.


> I would think it more important to get them off those other machines

> and onto the mail server so they can be backed up now. There's what,

> fifve harddrives on those machines which may fail at any time. The

> server's only got one drive for you to worry about, and presumably it

> gets far better care than the satellite systems.

I think you're thinking of the 4 drive RAID you've heard me mention either here or in another list. The system I'm working with now does have a RAID, but /var is on a single drive which, at this point, is almost brand new. And since this is on my *business* system (called Scarecrow, since it's the brains of the outfit), as in the 'puter that generates the data that I sell to pay the rent, it is the box that gets 1st priority on hardware.

If I had some serious problem, I could install dnsmasq and a couple other programs on Scarecrow and run it on its own but the mail/dns/print server is on an embedded Soekris box with a smaller hard drive and could never handle the workload Scarecrow does.

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