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Re: Looking for SIMPLE MTA

On Monday 17 November 2008, Ron Johnson wrote:


> > Fetchmail pulls it in to a server from the ISP. I thought about

> > something like ssmtp that would send the email from each system to

> > that server, but there are reasons I wanted to just pull it from

> > each machine. I guess I could still change my mind on that one.


> Having the "some systems" route their email to the mail server

> certainly is the standard solution. But if there's some odd but

> overriding reason to keep them off the mail server, then for the

> sake of consistency I'd use the same MTA on the "some systems" as I

> do on the mail server.


> That, though, seems that it would only be a valid strategy if the

> "some systems" generated *highly* confidential emails, and I don't

> think that mdadm generates highly confidential emails. Anyway,

> highly confidential emails should be encrypted.

Well, mdadm does get pretty racy with some of those scans and tests...

Seriously, the reason I've been thinking about keeping the mail on the sending system is to make reference easier -- in case the mail server goes wrong or something. In the past it seems like things go wrong in bunches, so I've started to plan for multiple failures when I'm setting things up. If the messages stay on the originating system until KMail picks them up, then there's no chance of them getting lost on a 3rd system.

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