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Re: Lenny, apt(titude), dependency issues, seg faults and corrupted .DEB packages

On Sat, 15 Nov 2008, Nick Syrotiuk wrote:
> Well, it looks like I may have an intermittent problem.  Yesterday I  
> removed 2 Gb of memory (2 sticks, 1 Gb each) leaving 2 Gb in the box but  
> I still had problems.

It might be your PSU.

> Today, I booted the machine and I no longer had APT dependency issues.  
> In fact, I can now install packages with ease.  I installed memtester,  
> let it run for 1 loop and the results were all okay.

Leave it running overnight at the very least.  1 loop really is NOT enough
to get the worst types of memory problems, it will flag only the ones where
the chip is outright fried.  Transient errors are quite possible in SDRAM,
and will corrupt your data just the same.

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