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Re: Software For Book Writing

>> Stefan "Who doesn't understand why pople use such old systems
>> given the availability of cheap replacements which are
>> much smaller and consume less power."

> * not everybody lives in regions with the same "techonological density"
> as, say, New York. Even less people live in places where discared
> thecnological products are correctly recycled

I'm not sure what you mean by that reference to recycling.  Do you mean
that replacing the machine will produce more waste, or do you mean that
the replacement is cheap because it is the result of recycling?

> * I am not expert, but I do not belive that it is so easy and so cheap
> to find a i386 compatible processor (and motherboard, ...) that consumes
> less power than a old fanless 486 and is as much reliable as that old
> processor. However I am very interested in the contrary.

This is Debian: the family of the CPU doesn't really matter.
For a headless machine, a little MIPS-based home-router will definitely
consume less and should be just as reliable.


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