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Re: how to change date of system

lee wrote:
> On Wed, 12 Nov 2008 18:31:07 +0530
> Raj Kiran Grandhi <grajkiran@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Just curious, what is the reason for setting BIOS time to GMT instead
>> of localtime? It is simpler using localtime when I have wake on RTC
>> alarm enabled.
> It's supposed to make it easier to deal with daylight saving times.


I have set my BIOS clock to local time mainly because I run a dual boot
machine (Windows and Linux). For me, day light saving time changes occur
seamlessly (Debian Testing, but I don't it matters which distro is being

To the OP, as far as I know, practically it makes sense to set the BIOS
to local time in the case where your machine also boots in to Windows.


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