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Re: Software For Book Writing

On Fri, Nov 07, 2008 at 07:44:01AM -0700, TW wrote:
> >> Why not just use PDF/HTML? Those will do very well for a read-only version.
> 	I might just stick with PDF.  I was thinking about something else when 
> I mentioned Microsoft Word. 
> >> If you want them to be able to edit it: how are you going to merge in their 
> >> changes?
> 	Thank you, because I didn't think about this.  I imagine most don't want 
> to edit via a text file(?).  
> > The book is free-as-in-beer.  Sounds like he might not be expecting 
> > "patches".
> 	Ha, ha!  I do.  I'm just not sure of how I'm going to go about this 
> project at this time.

I think you can use a versioning system to merge latex files (since they
are plain text)  Editing a LaTex file is straight-forward for anybody
with half a clue.


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