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Re: Electricity Cutoffs, EXT3 and Filesystems

On Thu, Nov 06, 2008 at 07:31:06PM +0100, Michelle Konzack wrote:
> Am 2008-11-03 12:00:03, schrieb Volkan YAZICI:
> > I really wonder the future of ReiserFS. I don't follow kernel related
> > improvements (and discussions) that much, but I still don't have a
> > reliable information about the development issues with ReiserFS.
> > Somebody is saying something, and another one is duplicating it --
> > without giving a single grain of thought -- to others and so on. But
> > AFAIK, there still isn't any official (you know what I mean by
> > _official_) explanation related with ReiserFS. Yep, Hans Reiser did some
> > nasty things. But would development of Linux stop if Linus Torvalds gets
> > in some sort of trouble, e.g. arrested?
> This is NOT the same, since ReiserFS was generaly developed by  ONE  KEY
> PERSON "Hans Reiser" where the Linux  Kernel  itself  has  several  1000
> contributors which can take over at any time...
> Of course, ReiserFS is only a small part of  the  Kernel  and  they  are
> enough other FileSystems...

Reiserfs was developed by a company (namesys, Hans Reiser's company). 
It has great problems getting merged into the mainline kernel because 
it behaves a bit strange. For instance, each file there is also a
directory. Too many programs assume that if something is a file it will
not have anything under it in the tree.

There are still other people who think that reiserfs4 is a good idea and
try to merge it, but even before the trial it didn't move along very

reiserfs3 (the one in the kernel) is now even less actively maintained.

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