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Re: Electricity Cutoffs, EXT3 and Filesystems

On Sun, 02 Nov 2008, Mark Allums <mark@allums.com> writes:
> The short answer is going to be, work on getting more UPSes, and
> consider some type of longer-term (but still temporary) power source,
> like a Diesel generator.
> If you have any diagnostics at all, post a summary here.  Someone may
> see something to do.  Also, fstab file and perhaps the contents of any
> custom init scripts you use, or even your menu.list from
> /boot/grub. Anything that may give someone a clue.

Besides system setup information I sent to Andrei, in all servers /boot
is located at /dev/sda2 and formatted with ext2 filesystem.

> ReiserFS will work for a while, but unless they find some new,
> long-term upstream maintainers, it will eventually not be feasible to
> use it.

I really wonder the future of ReiserFS. I don't follow kernel related
improvements (and discussions) that much, but I still don't have a
reliable information about the development issues with ReiserFS.
Somebody is saying something, and another one is duplicating it --
without giving a single grain of thought -- to others and so on. But
AFAIK, there still isn't any official (you know what I mean by
_official_) explanation related with ReiserFS. Yep, Hans Reiser did some
nasty things. But would development of Linux stop if Linus Torvalds gets
in some sort of trouble, e.g. arrested?

> Better to make the switch now, starting with new hardware. I still
> like ext3 for now, and ext "4" is coming along nicely, I hear, it may
> be a good choice at some point.  (But not right now.)

I dunno. I still think EXT3 as an ancient technology supported by major
IT companies. And people tend to swim in the direction of the flow, no
matter if it's right or wrong.


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